Advisory Board

  • Rita Arrigo
    Digital Advisor, Microsoft

    Rita  Arrigo  is  a  Chief  Digital  Advisor  at  Microsoft,  she  dreams,  designs  and  delivers  to  transform  the  business,  empower  the  employee,  deliver  new  connected  customer  experiences  and  re-invent  products.    With  experience  in  designing  transformational  digital  solutions  that  embrace  the  modern  workplace,  cognitive,  crypto-transactions  and  mixed-reality  across  multiple  industries,  she  engages  with  globally  distributed  teams;  mentor  and  motivate;  and  works  on  inclusive  accessible  design  in  an  AI  first  approach. 

    Her  work  at  Microsoft  is  focused  in  Smart  Buildings,  Connected  Manufacturing,  Digital  Health,  Connected  Vehicle  and  Experience  Design,  together  with  industry,  government  and  education  re-imagining  people,  place  and  technology  in  the  digital  world.    Her  passion  for  humanising  innovation  is  evident  in  her  view  of  the  next  boom  that  will  be  fuelled  by  the  collision  of  the  creative  and  technology  improving  of  daily  lives  and  digitally  transforming  our  cities,  lifestyle  and  play.  This  started  in  1993  when  she  co-founded  the  radio  show  Byte  Into  It  on  3RRR  aiming  to  reducing  techno  fear  and  bring  the  benefits  of  technology  to  a  larger  audience.  Since  that  she  has  launched  User  Groups,  Mentored  and  Attended  Hackathons,  Design  Thinking  to  engage  business  users  and  drive  customer  empathy  with  a  range  of  techniques  to  enable  new  technologies  to  flourish. 

    She  is  passionate  about  the  Rise  of  AI,  making  our  lives  more  human,  with  inclusive  workplaces,  rise  of  AI  for  customer  service,  the  future  of  work  with  Mixed  Reality  and  Machine  Learning  driving  more  personal  experiences,  that  will  make  our  lives  more  Human.  As  User  Interface  moves  from  SmartPhone  to  Ambient  and  Mixed  Reality,  Interactive  Design  becomes  Cognitive  Knowledge  and  Understanding,  the  new  killer  app  will  be  intelligence.  In  this  talk  She  is  listed  in  the  top  10  in  Microsoft  Global  Social  Selling  Index  and  is  currently  at  4th  place  global  in  employee  advocacy  on  Social  Media.

  • Jocelyn Chiew
    Campus Design Quality and Planning, Monash University

    Jocelyn Chiew is a Registered Architect, Landscape Architect and Urban Designer. She has over 15 years’ experience contributing to, and driving, good design outcomes - on consultant and client sides. She is the Manager Campus Design Quality and Planning at Monash University.

    Since 2012, Jocelyn has been responsible for the development and roll-out of unique, 20 year visions for each of Monash's four campuses in Australia. This work builds on Jocelyn's previous role as a design consultant to the University. In her current role, Jocelyn has introduced new design practices, processes and standards to support the University's global ambitions. She is supported by a team of talented design professionals who comprise the 'Monash Masterplan' team. Jocelyn has presented widely on her work, including at TEFMA's 2018 Tertiary Education Management Conference and the inaugural Campus Masterplan Summit. In 2018, Jocelyn initiated and led Monash’s first Precinct Partnership with Open House Melbourne - the largest in the Program’s eleven year history.

    Jocelyn is an AIA Victorian Chapter Councillor, Manager of the Monash Design Review Panel and Architect Selection Committee, co-author of the Monash Public Art Masterplan, a Founding Member of the Monash Public Art Committee and a 2018 AILA Victorian Awards Juror. Jocelyn has led multiple design competitions at Monash and was on the Jury for Point Grey Design Competition. She sits on the PCA’s Knowledge Clusters Committee and is a member of their 500 Women in Property program. Since 2015, Jocelyn has taught various Master of Urban Design Studios at the University of Melbourne and participates in urban and architectural critiques at various universities. She is passionate about creating high quality, sustainable and enduring civic and campus environments

  • Alan Longmiur
    Emergent Technologies Manager, Deakin eSolutions

    Alan Longmuir leads the Digital Future Lab at Deakin University, a specialist innovation team directed to create smart campus experiences and solutions and drive digital transformation within the organisation. 

    With over twenty years of experience leading technology operations and development Alan has a passion for marrying user centred design with emergent technologies to develop impactful and effective experiences. Alan has experience across a wide range of transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Immersive Digital Reality, Blockchain and Big Data and Analytics.

    As a highly experienced professional developing emergent strategy Alan has led and provided expertise for a range of award winning initiatives to transform Deakin into a true smart campus experience for all students, staff and visitors.

  • David Neudorf
    Director of Technology, International School of Kuala Lumpur

    Dave is the Director of Technology at the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) which recently moved into a new state of the art, purpose-built, Smart Campus that is designed to achieve LEED Platinum GBI Certification. Dave has been a Technology Leader in international schools for more than 2 decades working in Toronto, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia and for the last 10 years at ISKL Malaysia. Dave is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Google Apps Educator Trainer.